Friday, June 12, 2009


1. Dog- use a 10-12 month old mixed breed dog, 60-90 lbs, 27.27kg to 40.91kg, young and healthy.

2. Do full lab work-up to eliminate all possible health problems; specially- blood born diseases.

3. Must be previously vaccinated against all local diseases.

4. Do not use breeds or individuals known to have immune deficiency problems.

5. Make up Newcastle virus vaccine 1000 dose vial. (Use only the 6 cc of diluent vial that comes with the NDV or Saline if Diluent is not available). Inject 3.0cc of Diluent or Saline to the NDV vial. Discard the balance remaining from the Diluent vial. The La Sota strain or B-1 are most common. Other strains of this virus should work as well but do not use Killed Virus NDV Vaccine. Use Modified Live NDV. This virus is your cell immunity inducer.

6. Place IV Catheter in dog.

7. Inject 2.0 or 3.0cc of Newcastle virus into the I.V. from your vaccine bottle depending on the official weight of the dog. (Treat dog with I.V fluids accordingly) (Do Not use Corticosteroids)

8. Induction of Newcastle’s disease virus for cellular immune serum (cytokines) may only be done once on any dog. The second time around, only antibodies to Newcastle’s disease are produced. These are of no use and can cause an adverse reaction.

9. Timing is absolutely essential for taking serum against distemper. Take blood 11-12 hours post injection (11-12 hrs post injection= Anti-viral factors=Very effective against Distemper Virus in VIVO.) Timing is important. (Interferon, antiviral, regulatory, anti-inflammatory cytokines all have different times of production).

10. All procedures must be sterile. Just prior to the 11-12 hours post- injection, anesthetize donor dog (approx. 5-10 minutes before).

11. Place Jugular catheter.

12. Start I.V fluids.

13. Withdraw blood between the 11th and 12th hour and inject into 10cc blood vials [sterile no additive vials] and allow the blood to clot. All VETS please take out only up to maximum amount from donor dog. Remove blood just short of putting the dog into shock. That can be determined by the color of the gums and respiratory rate. What is amazing is the speed with which a healthy dog recovers. Fluids of course help recovery. We could take about 250 cc whole blood from a 90 lb dog and get about 100 cc of usable serum (A.W. Sears DVM 6/8/09)

14. Centrifuge immediately after clotting for clear serum. Do not allow RBC’s to lyse.

15. Remove serum and place into sterile bottles.

16. Place serum bottles in baggies and store in refrigerator. Bottles of serum can be stored for up to five years in a refrigerator; longer if frozen.

17. Cryo-precipitates may form after refrigeration. Mixing causes clouding. This is not harmful.

18. May be filtered out with a .02micron filter. Keep sterile.

19. All my donor dogs have survived. I have not lost any.

Note: Revisions may be made as new data becomes available.
If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Alson W. Sears DVM for further clarification at


  1. Ok, this is truly promising, but if you have a neurologic disease, it is likely that your response will be worst, because this pathology is immune-mediated (in the 50-60% of the cases), so if NDV induce a good celular response you´ll have a lot of cytokines in your serum that in the case of permeability of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) (demonstrate for CDV) will cause an increase in the pathology and the lethality of the infection. If the BBB is intact (in the initial phase of the infection) the cytokines can´t be able to reach CNS parenchyma, so your serum in theory will work only in the early multisystemic disease (associated with respiratory or gastrointestinal infections) when the virus is restricted to lungs, intestines, skin, naso-ocular tissue, etc. So this is my question. Did you test this serum in neurologic disease patients with effectiveness?, because I did it (but with Recombitek induced serum, and protein G treatment to retire the Igs).

    1. @ Pablo May I ask you where are you located? Are you by chance a vet? I am in Bakersfield, California. I am willing to travel to get my little ones treatment if I have to! I have now lost 2 in less than a week to Canine Distemper and have 3 left that have not started showing signs of it being in the neurological stage yet they just started coughing on the 20th of April.